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Our "Spiritude" brand offers unique & vibrant designs on T-Shirts.
Aiming to provide these designs on a range of  clothing, accessories & paraphernalia.

Below are our initial designs available in 100% Organic Cotton TShirts.

Also larger sizes in 100% Cotton, more generous than standard Asian or Australian specifications.

All unique, vibrant and affordable.

Tshirt Image - Essence Of Love - original design bySpiritudeTShirt image - Fire Of Passion - original design by SpiritudeTShirt image - Spirit Gathering - original design by Spiritude

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Gary & Karen Hooley


We present:
as a positive, passionate & spirited attitude to life.

Spirited, as in a vibrant & joyous way of living.
Ever conscious of that feeling known as "Joie de Vivre".
A feeling of connectedness with All Humanity, Nature & Creation.